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European Herb Masque - Sensitive
A harmonious blend of herbs, in powder form, customized for oily, dry or sensitive skin. Especially effective treating Rosacea. These masques cleanse, nourish, moistruize and invigorate skin. Each herb in the blend contains natural, bioactive agents that complement and enhance the other's actions.

Ingredients: All blends contain Colloidal Oat Extract, a soothing, calming anti-irritant; Alfalfa Leaves, a source of Vitmains C,D,E and K; Camomile (Azulene) known for its anti-flammatory action.

Key Ingredients (Sensitive Skin): Green Tea, Chamomile, Rosehips, Flax and Sorbitol.

oily skin - reduce & neutralize oil build up, leaving skin clean, healthy & freshnormal skin - wholesome care to polish, refine and tone normal skin
dry skin - nutrients to revitalize & protect, leaving skin soft and supplesensitive skin - free of fragrance, color or embellishments for delicate skin
problem skin - remarkable solutions targeting specific needs to help heal and revitalize
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