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aromatic masques

Many herbs (including in our Aromatic Herb Masques) are the sources of essential oils that are commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy. Concentrated, or even diluted essential oils, can be irritating to the skin. For this reason we recommend using our Aromatic Herb Masques, which are much milder and more compatible with the facial skin. Essential Oils, in proper dilution, should be used instead on the body

For the cosmetic practice of aromatherapy, we offer 11 different aromatic herb masques. Each is composed of 100% pure herb (flower, leaf, root, seeds or whole plant—whichever is most appropriate) blended with a common masque base which mixes with water to make a uniform paste.

Blending Herb Masques
Each individual Aromatic Herb Masque is formulated with the same base and is compatible with the others. They can be blended by the Esthetician in any proportion. Custom blending allows the Esthetician to adjust the treatment to the specific need of each client's skin. For example, on skin with acne blemishes, one can apply the Fenugreek Masque. If the skin is oily, one can blend it with Sage or Thyme Masque.

The effects of any Aromatic Herb Masque can be enhanced by use under a Paraffin masque, which accelerates and deepens penetration while allowing the elimination of cellular toxins.

oily skin - reduce & neutralize oil build up, leaving skin clean, healthy & freshnormal skin - wholesome care to polish, refine and tone normal skin
dry skin - nutrients to revitalize & protect, leaving skin soft and supplesensitive skin - free of fragrance, color or embellishments for delicate skin
problem skin - remarkable solutions targeting specific needs to help heal and revitalize
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