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Alfalfa: a natural source of Vitamins C, D, E, & K. It also contains the natural plant surfactant saponin.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): an antioxidant, fights free radicals, helps slow down and prevent skin aging.

Allantoin: aids in cell regeneration and healing, an extract of the comfrey plant.

Antioxidants: any ingredient that can reduce the harmful effects of oxygen, sunlight, or other sources of free-radical cellular damage. Their primary effect on skin is their ability to reduce inflammation and irritation.

Azulene: a deep blue chamomile extract with soothing anti-irritant properties.

Beta-glucan: a polysaccharide, considered a good water-binding agent and antioxidant. It also boosts immune function and has soothing, calming and anti-irritant effects. Beta-glucans are present in oats in relatively high concentration.

Bioflavonoid: phenolic compounds found in plants that are known to have potent antioxidant properties. It helps to reduce inflammatory edema, while stimulating circulation.

Bisabolol: can be derived synthetically or extracted from chamomile, it is an anti-irritant. It is also soothing and vaso-constrictive.

Chlorophyll: a chemical found in the cells of green plants. Useful as an aid in the healing of wounds, also a good natural pigment.

Colloidal Oat Extract: is highly valued in skin care for it's soothing, calming and anti-irritant effects. The active responsible for these properties is beta-glucan, present in oats in relatively high concentration. Other beneficial components of oats are: non-animal protein and lipids. They are highly efficient in smoothing skin and preventing scaliness.

Comfrey: rich in Allantoin, a cell proliferant and healing agent commonly used in cosmetics.

Cellulose Gum (CMC or Carboxy-Methel-Cellulose): a soluble fiber used as a consistency modifier.

Linseed (Flax): used for its high content of polyunsaturated oil and Essential Fatty Acid (EFA), also called Vitamin F, indispensable for healthy skin.

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda): used as a buffering agent, ph-balancer, and a skin protecting agent.

Saponin: any of a group of plant constituents known as glycosides that have a distinctive foaming, soapy characteristic. Saponins can have water-binding properties for skin. There is evidence that saponins can have antimicrobial benefit for skin.

Sorbitol: a humectant similar to glycerin, present in many berries, seaweed and algae. Considered an excellent thickening agent and “slip” agent.

Terpene: an organic compound derived from plants, generally associated with characteristic fragrances. Some terpenes are alcohols (e.g, menthol from peppermint oil) and some terpenes are aldehydes (e.g. citronellal). Terpenes are made up of isoprene (C5) units.

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aromatic herb masques - a harmonious blend of herbs to cleanse, soften and invigorate
essential oils - remineralizes and detoxifies to remove dead skin
oily skin - reduce & neutralize oil build up, leaving skin clean, healthy & freshnormal skin - wholesome care to polish, refine and tone normal skindry skin - nutrients to revitalize & protect, leaving skin soft and supple
sensitive skin - free of fragrance, color or embellishments for delicate skinproblem skin - remarkable solutions targeting specific needs to help heal and revitalize
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