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Enzyme Performing Masque

This non-acid, natural, biological peeling masque is suitable for all types of skin. It produces immediate, spectacular results by remvoing dead cells and keratin accumulations, softening and loosening blackheads and sebaceous cysts. When used as the first step in a treatment, it makes extractions easier and facilitates penetration of subsequently applied creamsor moisturizers. Enzyme Performing Masque retexturizes skin, smoothes fine lines and makes wrinkles and post-acne scars less visible.

The masques come in powder form and, if kept in a cool environment, have an indefinite shelf life. One pound will yield approximately 30+ facials.

Forte Enzyme Performing Masque is for stronger action needed for thick, oily skin and is great for foot, hand, and back facials. Also available in Regular, Soulager and Lisse et Clair.

Key Ingredients: Pancreatin Enzyme Complex, which digests keratinized cells without attacking live. healthy cells; Colloidal Oat Extract, rich in beta-glucan (a smoothing, calming, anti-irritant), protein and lipids; Alfalfa Powder, a nautral source of Vitamins C,D,E and K; cooling Menthol.

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aromatic herb masques - a harmonious blend of herbs to cleanse, soften and invigorate
essential oils - remineralizes and detoxifies to remove dead skin
oily skin - reduce & neutralize oil build up, leaving skin clean, healthy & freshnormal skin - wholesome care to polish, refine and tone normal skindry skin - nutrients to revitalize & protect, leaving skin soft and supple
sensitive skin - free of fragrance, color or embellishments for delicate skinproblem skin - remarkable solutions targeting specific needs to help heal and revitalize
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