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  1. How would you describe your USP? (Unique Selling Point)
    For the past 3 decades Halina Andre’s Enzyme Performing Masque has significantly improved all types of skin through an all-natural exfoliation process. With over 2 million facials performed, the Enzyme Performing Masque is a one of a kind exclusive formulation available only through Halina Andre’ and is recognized as the leading choice among professional estheticians.

    Halina Andre’ skin care products are based on 30 years of research in biochemistry, dermatology and cosmetic technology. Our products will always be formulated with the highest quality ingredients and integrity. All of our products are made of natural and naturally derived ingredients scientifically proven to benefit the skin.

    Halina Andre’s European Skin Care products help you achieve your skin care goals, generate repeat business and realize large profits.

  2. What is your best selling product?

    Enzyme Performing Masque (Professional Product)
    . This peeling masque produces immediate results by removing dead cells and keratin accumulations, softening and loosening blackheads and sebaceous cysts. Extractions are easier and it facilitates penetration of subsequently applied creams or moisturizers.

    This masque retexturizes the skin, smoothes fine lines and makes wrinkles and post-acne scars less visible.

    This product is all-natural and comes in powder form so it does not contain preservatives. As long as it is kept in a dry cool environment it will have an indefinite shelf life.

    The formula’s key ingredients incorporates the pancreatic enzyme, a blend of Oat Extract, rich in beta-glucan, protein and lipids; Alfalfa powder, a natural source of Vitamins C, D, E, and K.

    Botanical Gel Masque(Retail line) - for all skin types especially sensitive, irritated or any invasive treatment. This masque is especially effective for sensitive skin, Rosacea or Cuperosis; after laser or other invasive treatments.

  3. What size does the do these two products come in?

    Enzyme Performing Masque
    Professional 1 lb and _ lb.

    Botanical Gel Masque
    Retail, 1 oz.
    Professional size, 16 oz.

  4. What is the recommended retail price?

    Botanical Gel Masque-$28 for 1.5 oz.

  5. What are your best selling treatments, recommended price and time?

    1. Facial Enzyme Performing Masque treatment. This is an exceptional enzymatic exfoliation that addresses the removal of dead skin cells without harming live healthy cells.

      A 1 lb of masque will provide 30 plus facials. The length of time the masque stays on is 10 to 20 minutes depending on skin type.

      The Enzyme treatment with the associated Halina Andre’ products;
      1. Eye Makeup Remover
      2. Gentle Foaming Face Wash
      3. Pre-Masque lotion
      4. Enzyme Performing Masque
      5. Skin Buffer Lotion
      6. Featherlight Moisturizer

      Most spas, salons and clinics charge anywhere from $65 -$125 per treatment depending on the area of the country and the prestige of the spa.

    2. Body

      Two distinct series of professional body treatment products- a powerfully detoxifying Marine line and a richly fortifying Botanical line- both include a simple five-step treatment ideal for a wet or dry bed setting. Both treatment series are based on years of research in biochemistry and traditional herbal medicine to blend the newest discoveries with established success.

      The treatments are centered on the newest mud treatment to hit the market- Canadian Glacial Clay! Extremely rare and valuable, this revolutionary clay is more active than either Dead Sea or Moor mud because of its unique composition and structure. Glacial Clay is micronized, (less than 0.15 microns) making it finer than the water droplets in fog! This allows it to have greater contact surface area for maximum mineral and lipid exchange. Blended with select herbs or sea vegetables and mixed with an activator, Halina Andre Glacial Clay Body Wraps are like none on the market today!

    3. Holistic

      While we don’t call our treatments Holistic, we do incorporate the theme of whole person well being. We believe in the education of the healing and nurturing properties found in nature and in our products. Our line provides all natural botanicals and pure essential oils that create aromatherapy and improvement to the skin and the sense of smell. It is our goal to provide understanding and meaning through our philosophy of skin care creating harmony throughout the body.

  6. Do you have a separate professional line of products?

    Yes. In addition to the Enzyme Performing Masque we have European Herb Masques and Aromatic Herb Masques. The Enzyme Performing Masque is described above. The European and Aromatic Herb Masque utilize specific herbs and blends of herbs to address skin types and/or problems. The European philosophy of skin care is the underlying basis for these masques. The herbs we use are grown and cultivated around the world. These botanical herb masques come in powder form and preservative free. The Aromatic Herb Masques allow the esthetician to custom blend the herbs for a unique treatment unlike anywhere else. These masques are also only available from Halina Andre’. We also have Massage Creams and essential oils. Our pure essential oils are all purchased from Grasse France.
    Please give an example of the sizes of a professional cleanser

    Our best selling cleanser is our Gentle Foaming Face Wash. This product comes in a retail size of 8 oz, professional size of 32oz or a gallon.

  7. What is your average profit margin on treatments?

    Being a manufacturer it is somewhat difficult to answer this question since we do not perform treatments in a spa setting. Internally we typically evaluate all products at no charge. Each of our clients have different treatment outlines, pricing etc. so it would be difficult to accurately answer.

  8. Do you provide training?

    Yes, we provide extensive training at our laboratory as well as at tradeshows and outside locations. It is our core belief that education in the science behind our product line is critical to the overall understanding to the individual.

  9. What does your training program consist of?

    Our classes provide in depth ingredient and product review with a demonstration of the professional products. Our presentations utilize the latest in visual technology and hands on training. The training at our facility is one day. After the launch of our bodyline we will be offering a one-day seminar for that instruction.

  10. Is the training free of charge?

    We have a small charge for the classes. Typically $40 for esthetics students and $75 for Estheticians. However we have offered free training in the past to distributors and students.

  11. Is the training compulsory?

    It is not compulsory but as mentioned above we strongly believe in education in skin care. It has been our experience that many professional estheticians are trained on one line of products and in many cases have limited exposure to other lines, ingredients and treatment procedures.

  12. Do you offer on site training?

    Yes. In the past we have travelled as far as South Korea to train 5 different provinces.

  13. Is there any extra charge for on site training or a minimum number required?

    This is negotiable depending on the requirements of the client.

  14. Do you have a minimum opening order?

    Yes. $100 for individual spas and salons. Distribution agreements would involve larger quantities.

  15. Are there compulsory products that must be taken on the opening order?

    No, however we would recommend products that would best suit the application, treatment or approach to skin care the client wants to achieve. We do have Starter Packages for both Professional and Retail products that cover all the requirements to begin treatments or selling home care regimens.

  16. Do you offer a discount on the opening order?

    Yes, depending on the size of the order. In many cases we negotiate a standing discount based on quantities and timeframes.

  17. Do you offer any free support material with the opening order?

    Yes. We offer all collateral material related to the products and their application in a professional treatment.

  18. Do you have a tester stand and is there a charge for this?

    Presently we do not offer a tester stand. Our reasoning is most of these displays are not maintained properly and consequently lowers the perceptive value of the products to the consumer.

    That is not to say in the right scenario this would be an effective tool for direct sales. We would be able to provide tester stands in the right environment.

  19. What support material do you offer and is there a charge for this after the first order?

    We can supply support material for the consumer to meet the types of products they are marketing. There would be a minimal cost for this material.

  20. What are your delivery terms?

    All orders are F.O.B. Origin.
    Shipment is by UPS unless otherwise required.
    Most orders in stock are shipped within 72 hours. The size of order will determine delivery time.
    Damage claims must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.
    Products returned for credit must be in the same condition as when sold and are subject to 20% restocking fee.
    Returned goods will not be accepted after 25 days from invoice. No returns without prior authorization.

  21. Do you have a staff incentive program and if so how does it work?

    Internally we do. Presently we do not have a program in place however this is something we can incorporate into the client’s program.

  22. Do you provide free samples?

    Yes. We offer free samples with all opening orders. Ongoing samples have a minimal cost. This is also negotiable in larger orders.

  23. What kind of support do you offer for a promotional event?

    If there is a professional treatment event we would be open to participating by sending an esthetician to demonstrate. We would also be able to provide defined promotional material.

  24. Do you offer a radius for new account openings?

    Not at this time.

  25. Any other relevant information.

    We also offer:
    1. Private Label
    2. Semi-private label
    3. Custom Manufacturing
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aromatic herb masques - a harmonious blend of herbs to cleanse, soften and invigorate
essential oils - remineralizes and detoxifies to remove dead skin
oily skin - reduce & neutralize oil build up, leaving skin clean, healthy & freshnormal skin - wholesome care to polish, refine and tone normal skindry skin - nutrients to revitalize & protect, leaving skin soft and supple
sensitive skin - free of fragrance, color or embellishments for delicate skinproblem skin - remarkable solutions targeting specific needs to help heal and revitalize
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